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Processing & Professing the Human Experience

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Noël August

Noël August is a veteran performer and creator with more than 25 years of experience. Noël is a classically trained actor and modern dancer and for the last 10 years she has also played Drag King, Tucker Noir, all over the country. Wretched Production's documentary "Tucker Noir" is available on Youtube and Amazon.

Noël is also a producer, activist, teacher, ordained minister and mother. She provides a wide variety of services, find out how she can bring depth and dazzle to your town!

Drag King

Using gender theater to explore existence and profess experiences, Tucker challenges masculinity stereotypes and harmful expectations that are placed on masculine beings. Tucker presents a dreamy & kind version of masculinity that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Tucker performs, teaches and speaks all over the country. Learn more about how Tucker can bring sparkling magic into your world!

Radio DJ

Listen live & to archives at

Tune in every Saturday morning from wherever you are in the world!

Mother Tucker 10-noon PST


Dykes on Mics noon-1pm

On Mother Tucker hear glistening, moody, hopeful indie, new wave & more. Hear weekly segments:

10:30 Poor Decisions: tips for living on very little

11:00 I Love U2!: I play you two U2 songs

11:30 Feel Better: a refreshing activity we do together in real time

and on Dykes on Mics with Dj Anya hear music by & inspired by the queers! It's genre-fluid fun!


Noël has been choreographing professionally for nearly 20 years. She started her professional dance journey in Las Vegas where she trained for 8 years in the Nikolais/Louis Technique of postmodern dance. She has choreographed for ballet and modern companies, dance competitions, musicals, burlesque troupes, drag shows, children's shows, show choirs, weddings and more.

Noël teaches many kinds of dance, her favorite is teaching beginning adults and folks with disabilities. Dance belongs to all people!

Learn about how Noël can bring add some dance joy into your life!


Noël has been performing for 25 years. In addition to drag and dance Noël is also an actor on stage and screen. Noël plays female, male and nonbinary characters. Some of her favorite roles have been in Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, Gaslight & Little Women. She was recently in "The Sky is Everywhere" which can be found on Apple TV.

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Event Producer

Noël has produced over 100 shows and special events. Noël has expertise in producing drag shows, festivals, workshops, flash mobs, parties, weddings, field trips, variety shows, plays, fundraisers, Pride events and more! She delights in creating one of a kind dazzling memories.

Reach out if your event needs tastefully (or even not so tastefully) outrageous flair!

Wedding Officiant

Your big day deserves all of the gentleness, magic & wonder in the world! From traditional to fantastical, Reverend Noël August is thrilled to make all of your wedding day dreams a reality. For those wanting to add extra pizzazz, Noël is also available to perform weddings in drag as Tucker Noir! Noël also offers wedding dance choreography and lessons!

Share your wedding vision with Noël to learn more!

Noël also provides funeral and memorial services.

Teaching Artist

Noël has taught theater, dance, drag, performance, and equity to students in every grade level from preschool to college with Playhouse Arts, The Kennedy Center's Turnaround Arts Program, The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Opportunity Village's Performing Arts Program and Opportunity Village's Very Important Artists Program. This year she has held residencies at a middle school and elementary school with Playhouse Art's Artists in Schools Program.

She also travels around the country teaching dance classes and mental health workshops to adults. Noël co-facilitates anti-racism workshops and workshops on toxic power dynamics in the workplace with Open Art . She is most passionate about teaching self-worth, anti-racism, and movement for diverse abilities.

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